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Eclear Environmental Solutions
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Li-ion battery Solutions
Lithium-ion batteries in the manufacturing production process generates dust, NMP exhaust, organic exhaust and other exhaust pollutants, if not treated, directly discharged into the atmosphere, not only harmful to human health, but also serious pollution of the atmospheric environment, therefore, the need for lithium-ion batteries exhaust gas after purification and treatment to meet the requirements of the standard emission of air pollutants.
Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions
Yiqing environmental protection lithium battery recycling waste gas treatment process and technology involves lithium battery environmental discharge, crushing, electrolyte recycling, precise separation of battery materials, recycling of used lithium battery materials to prepare lithium carbonate, etc., and actively respond to the national "green mountains and green water is the golden silver mountain" call, to realize the double value of the social and economic.
Photovoltaic Battery Solutions
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions
目前按照电解质的来划分,常见的5种燃料电池: 碱性燃料电池(AFC) / 磷酸型燃料电池(PAFC) / 熔融碳酸盐燃料电池(MCFC) / 固体氧化物燃料电池(SOFC) / 质子交换膜燃料电池(PEMFC)。质子交换膜、双极板、催化剂、扩散层、膜电极、电堆、空压机、氢循环泵是构成氢燃料电池的主要部件,俗称“八大件”。
Other New Energy Solutions
Eclear Environmental Core equipment
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Zeolite rotor + RCO
YQC zeolite rotor RCO is suitable for treating VOCs with large air volume and low concentration. After passing through the zeolite rotor, due to the van der Waals force between the molecules, the VOCs are adsorbed by the zeolite micropores, and the purified gas can be discharged to the exhaust pipe directly. The organic matter adsorbed on the zeolite rotor is then desorbed by the gas at a temperature of 180℃~200℃. The adsorbed high concentration waste gas is then sent to RCO furnace for catalytic combustion treatment. SEED specializes in manufacturing zeolite rotor RCO.
Zeolite rotor + RTO
YQB Zeolite Rotor Concentration RTO process adopts zeolite rotor adsorption and separation method to separate and concentrate VOCs in low concentration and large air volume industrial waste gas, and then for the concentrated high concentration and small air volume polluted air, it adopts RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), which oxidizes the organic waste gases (VOCs) into carbon dioxide and water at a high temperature (750-850℃) to purify the waste gases.
Silane combustion tower
Silane combustion purification tower main equipment: including combustion tower, combustion barrel and fan. It is to adopt high temperature and high pressure, and utilize the reaction product of air and silane under high temperature and high pressure as absorbent. The harmful components in the exhaust gas are decomposed into carbon dioxide and nitrogen, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of purification. This equipment is characterized by small investment, low operation cost and convenient operation and maintenance. Processing flow: collection of waste gas → pretreatment → circulation in the purification tower (removing soot and some harmful components) → discharge. The gas is decomposed through the high temperature generated by combustion, and the exhaust gas treatment is so effective that it is necessary to replenish the fuel for the combustion tower to ensure the continuity of combustion.
Arsenophosane adsorption tower
Arsenophosane adsorption tower working principle: the use of chemical reaction, complex decomposition reaction and other basic principles, and a variety of waste gas chemical reaction, to generate stable non-toxic and harmless compounds or complexes, will not produce secondary pollution. Semiconductor industry arsenic-containing waste gas from the machine end of a separate collection, the formation of an independent system, arsenic alkyl phosphide treatment system is divided into two main parts, a stage for the Local Scrubber, i.e., the local dry adsorption device, using the principle of chemical adsorption, in the arsenic-containing system on the basis of the Local Scrubber will be pooled on the roof at the Central end of the again for the dry adsorption, the use of equipment, the use of chemical adsorption. Dry adsorption, the use of equipment called arsenophosphane adsorption tower. General arsenophosphane adsorption tower will also be configured with a one-use and one-standby mode, after adsorption through the end of the fan negative pressure discharge.
Zeolite rotor + CO
YQC zeolite rotor concentration CO process first adopts zeolite rotor adsorption and separation method to separate and concentrate VOCs in low concentration and large air volume industrial waste gas, and then for the concentrated high-concentration and small air volume polluted air, it makes use of CO (Catalytic Oxidizer) catalytic thermal oxidizing furnace to oxidize the organic waste gases (VOCs) into carbon dioxide and water at a relatively low temperature (300-400℃), so as to purify the waste gases.
Zeolite rotor + TO
Zeolite rotor + high-temperature oxidizing furnace (TO) enterprises in the production process of VOCs emissions into the zeolite rotor adsorption, adsorption of clean gas through the chimney to meet the emission standards, the zeolite rotor exhaust gas inlet filter to remove particles in the exhaust gas. Cooling gas through the zeolite rotor cooling zone pre-heating and then through the heat exchanger to the required temperature of desorption, into the desorption zone of the zeolite rotor, to remove the organic components adsorbed in the molecular sieve, desorption of the exhaust gas from the desorption fan pressurized into the TO furnace for direct combustion. Greenstar environmental protection zeolite rotor + high temperature oxidation furnace TO direct-fired TO furnace, regenerative thermal oxidation decomposer, also known as direct-fired thermal oxidizer. The basic principle of the main body consists of a combustion chamber and three ceramic filled beds. When the exhaust gas passes through the ceramic beds, it is heated above 800℃ and oxidization reaction occurs, producing carbon dioxide and water. The heat released during decomposition is also recovered to achieve the dual purpose of environmental protection and energy saving. Zeolite rotor + high-temperature oxidizer (TO) process flow: VOCs gas collection → dry/wet filtration → zeolite rotor adsorption and concentration → high-temperature oxidizer TO → fan + chimney (up to the standard discharge)
bag filter
Bag filter is a dry dust filtering device. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-textile felt, using the filtering effect of fiber fabrics to filter the dusty gas. When the dusty gas enters into the cloth bag dust collector, the particles of large, large dust, due to the effect of gravity will settle down and fall into the dust hopper, and when the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter material, the dust will be blocked, so as to make the gas be purified.
cartridge dust collector
The cartridge dust collector is composed of cartridge as the filter element or adopts pulse blowing dust collector. According to the installation method, the cartridge dust collector can be divided into inclined insertion type, side-mounted type, lifting type and top-mounted type. Cartridge dust collector can be divided into long-fiber polyester cartridge dust collector, composite fiber cartridge dust collector, anti-static cartridge dust collector, flame-retardant cartridge dust collector, coated cartridge dust collector, nano-cartridge dust collector and so on according to the cartridge material.
electrostatic precipitator
The working principle of electrostatic precipitator is to use high voltage electric field to ionize the flue gas, and the dust in the gas stream is charged and separated from the gas stream under the action of electric field. The negative electrode is made of metal wires with different cross-sectional shapes, called discharge electrode. The positive electrode is made of metal plates with different geometrical shapes and is called the dust collection electrode. The performance of electrostatic precipitator is affected by three factors such as the nature of dust, equipment construction and flue gas flow rate. Specific resistance of dust is an index for evaluating electrical conductivity, which has a direct influence on dust removal efficiency. Specific resistance is too low, dust particles are difficult to maintain in the dust electrode, resulting in its return to the gas flow. Specific resistance is too high, the dust particles to reach the dust electrode charge is not easy to discharge, the formation of a voltage gradient between the dust layer will produce local breakdown and discharge phenomenon. All these situations will cause a decrease in dust removal efficiency.
Dry Mist Eliminator
Dry mist eliminator is mainly composed of waveform blades, plates, cards and other fixtures, in the wet method of desulfurization, the absorption tower in the process of operation, easy to produce particle size of 10-60 microns "fog", "fog" not only contains water, it is also dissolved in sulfuric acid, sulfate, Sulfur dioxide, etc., but also caused by fans, heat exchangers and flue staining and serious corrosion, therefore, wet desulfurization process on the absorption equipment to put forward the requirements of the mist, the purified gas before leaving the absorption tower to remove the mist. Dry mist eliminator system consists of dry mist eliminator body and flushing system. Specifically dry mist eliminator body, rinse water piping, nozzles, support frame, support beams and related connections, fixing, seals and other components.
Packed Mist Eliminator
YQ packing mist eliminator is an important part of exhaust gas purification. The function of the mist eliminator is to capture the mist particles and liquid droplets entrained by the flue gas in the process of spray absorption. Packing mist eliminator efficiency is not only related to the structure of its body and with the weight and particle size of the fog particles, nozzle atomization particle size and absorbing liquid viscosity, spray claw force and nozzle structure. Mist eliminator performance and fog particle diameter with good, in order to achieve good mist elimination effect.
Condensation Recovery System
A condensation recovery system is a device commonly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to recover and separate gases by condensing gases, such as steam, into liquids in a device through cooling and condensation methods. Its main function is to manage gases containing harmful gases or pollutants, and it is widely used in industrial environments such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In certain production processes, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries need to use a large number of substances in the gaseous state, these gaseous substances will be brought out at the same time like pollutants in the production process, if there is no recovery and treatment of these gases, it will cause great harm to the environment and human health. Therefore, the use of condensation recovery system can achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. The principle of the condensation recovery system is based on the heat transfer and phase change of the gas as it flows through the condensing pipes. When the gas flows in the pipeline, it will take away a lot of heat. When the temperature of the pipeline drops below its dew point, the water vapor in the gas will condense into liquid, thus realizing the recovery of the gas. For harmful pollutants such as chemicals, specific solutions are added to the condensation recovery system to eliminate their toxicity through chemical reactions.
Acid and alkali washing tower
YQWT acid and alkali waste gas scrubber tower (acid and alkali spray scrubber tower) is mainly used to deal with acid and alkali inorganic waste gas, Yiqing Environmental Protection Group sells scrubber tower equipment with horizontal scrubber tower, vertical scrubber tower two types. From the material point of view, mainly stainless steel, carbon steel, FRP fiberglass material and PP material.
Activated carbon adsorption box
Eclear environmental protection activated carbon adsorption box is a waste gas filtration, adsorption odor of environmental protection machinery goods, drawer type activated carbon adsorption box is cleaner higher concentration of organic chemical exhaust and spraying exhaust adsorption can be utilized activated carbon high strength adsorption level, when the exhaust gas from the centrifugal fan to increase the power of the negative pressure into the activated carbon adsorption box and then into the adsorption of the activated carbon adsorption layer, the exhaust gas for organic solution has a very good adsorption effect. Yiqing environmental protection specializing in the manufacture of activated carbon adsorption box, drawer type activated carbon adsorption box, two activated carbon adsorption device.
Coupled Catalytic Systems
Coupling catalytic system equipment adopts stainless steel fixed skid-mounted fully sealed structure, convenient installation, internal coating of stainless steel special anticorrosion materials, can be resistant to acid and alkali exhaust environment, long service life of the equipment, by the pre-treatment section, the coupling reaction device, the array of drawer-type module composition.
hot exhaust system
Hot room exhaust is a kind of exhaust method to discharge the pollutants and exhaust gases produced in the air inside the hot room to the outside, and usually adopts the fan to carry out the auxiliary exhaust. It is mainly used to filter the particles and harmful substances discharged from inside the hot room, and its main features include: In summary, the hot room exhaust high-efficiency filtration equipment is characterized by high efficiency, corrosion resistance, low resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, and high reliability.
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